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Three (3) reasons why you’d better think twice (2) about your first (1) post?

Putting a question mark at the end of my post’s title shows exactly what I am by heart: a philosopher. In my opinion a philosopher is someone who is willing to question everything, who knows that there are no simple answers and that certainty is dangerous, while he/she believes that rationality is the guiding principle that helps them to quench their thirst for wisdom (something which cannot be achieved, only desired). But who knows? I could be completely wrong of course…

These past five years I have become an entrepreneur as well. I launched the Crowd Lottery concept, and was working on the Space Lottery concept when disaster struck: while I was trying to close a round of funding one of the main investors backed down. This turned into a negative spiral and culminated in a point where I needed to pull the plug. A humbling experience, but at least I was able to close down the company in a good manner.

Pulling the plug brought me to a point where I can evaluate my life, my goals and my desires. And, since I don’t have a girlfriend or any children, the world is lying naked at my feet once again (ready to be loved all life long, all life — tom bo li de say de moi ya). Pa-pow!

Reaching a point where I need to start over is also the catalyst for launching this publication. Like most human beings that are not busy fighting for their survival I am constantly inspired by the beautiful world around me (bwah, cheesy). The bad thing is that this means I am interested in almost everything, and that I want to achieve almost anything. The good thing is that whatever it is I’m going after I will always learn something interesting.

However, as a result of my love for the universe and everything in it (bwah, again), it is hard to focus. Capturing my thoughts in zeros and ones is probably a good way to start bringing some order in the chaos. One thing is for sure: all good things start with an idea and I believe we can make the world a better place, so all I have to do is come up with a great idea… It is like Ted said:

“Good ideas are worth spreading.”

Anyway, without further ado, here are the three reasons why’d you better think twice about your first post, or not. In an unordered list and in a random fashion:

  • It sets the tone for future posts: more on that in the future…
  • It is on the internet foreverrrrrrrrrrrr: so who cares?
  • It is something you can fall back on: see, I told you so!
  • He who has begun, has half done. So he who has begun thinking twice has done all.

Of course the number of three is totally random and apparently not even correct, but hey, I’ve been told lists always work well on the internet! Even if they are unordered and random…

I like to use my wit to push ideas and concepts forward.
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