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Jasper Versteege

Jasper Versteege - Witcrafter

Positive / Creative / Analytical / Entrepreneurial

I love being a philosopher and entrepreneur, because I’ve learned how to turn thoughts into actions. I’m proud that I am not afraid to fail, as this makes me resourceful and a fast learner. I like being a generalist that puts things in perspective, as this makes me an open-minded and original strategist. And I envy the experts, but this only keeps me motivated to never stop learning.

I have pitched millions of ideas, launched startups, ran (crowd-) funding campaigns, implemented marketing strategies, created meaningful brands, and always delivered beautiful results.

I easily switch from macro to micro and always see room for improvement. I can handle the technical details, but also communicate with a non-technical audience. I’m at my best when I can use my creative mind to turn challenging problems into concrete solutions. I keep pushing.

My ultimate dreams are to walk on the moon and to unite reason and faith. In the meantime I love to help people push ideas and concepts forward into existence and beyond. Need help to challenge the status quo?


Things That Drive Me

Not to become a man of great success, but to become a man of great value.


Philosophy means 'love for wisdom'. This means you cannot possess wisdom, you can only strive for it. I try to acquire knowledge in all areas of life, but my main interests lie in economics, politics and history. My favorite philosopher is probably Socrates: at least, all quotes on my resume are his!


I have a very broad general interest in both my personal and working life, but I’ve come to learn that I'm triggered most by innovative solutions and new technologies. Things like human space travel, block chain, and the collaborative economy will have a big impact on our future.


Almost all sports can be inspiring. Unfortunately we don't have time to practice all of them, but you could cross my path on the field/court while I'm playing football or squash; and in the wild when I'm cycling or snowboarding. I also visit the Amsterdam Arena regularly to support my club: Ajax!


The Dutch word 'gezelligheid' is considered an untranslatable, and it is is deeply ingrained into Dutch culture. I enjoy and search for it in all its forms: whether I'm playing board games, going out dancing, having dinner with friends or spending quality time with family!

"Try not to become a man of success. Rather try to become a man of value."

Things I've Done And Loved

By moving forward one step at a time.

2011 - 2016
(Crowd) Funding, Strategy, Design, Development, Marketing

Startup: the lottery of the 21st century

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2014 - 2016
(Crowd) Funding, Strategy

Crowd Funding: success and failure

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My Curriculum Vitae


"Let him that would move the world first move himself." - Socrates

  • Present Apr 2016


    JVIO - Into existence and beyond...

    Working as a human that helps people push ideas and concepts forward into existence and beyond. I’m at my best when I can use my creative mind to turn challenging problems into concrete solutions. Looking forward to help challenge the status quo!

  • Present Mar 2018

    Co-Founder & Head of Digital

    Construction company that links the powers of the web to our expertness in the fields of plastering, painting and window frames. Responsible for all branding, web development and technologies. Co-founded side-project and still learning!

  • Sep 2019 Sep 2018

    Partnership & Community Builder


    Grasple is a collaborative assessment and exercise platform that uses smart technology to make education open. I brought in 70K of new recurring revenue, helped structure important sales processes, created professional marketing materials and launched the Open Teacher Day. Learned that it takes all stakeholders to tango and that timing is money.

  • Dec 2017 May 2017

    Head of Product & Growth


    MrFix matches all sorts of gigs to all kinds of handymen. I was responsible for all systems and technologies while pushing growth by propelling the marketing efforts. Helped the company reach break-even for the first time by automating and improving parts of the client onboarding and matching processes. Acquired valuable experience in analyzing and improving existing solutions.

  • Apr 2016 Nov 2011

    Founder & Ambassador of Luck

    Founder of a social enterprise that attempted to disrupt the traditional lottery market. The goals was to create better chances for everyone in a social & transparent way. As single founder I have acquired valuable experience in every business field. I obtained a Maltese gaming license, launched a successful crowdfunding campaign, reached players in 23 countries and paid out more than 40k.

  • Oct 2013 Jun 2009

    Creative Director Supermodels

    IEX Media

    Responsible for (the world’s largest information repository of relevant fashion models, intended for fans as well as professionals) at IEX Media. Learned valuable basic marketing lessons and what it takes to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Jun 2009 Dec 2006

    Data Manager

    IEX Media

    Controlling the incoming stream of financial data and managing the stock trading game taught me a lot about responsibility. Being the first point-of-contact for players of the stock trading game gave me insights into customer satisfaction.

  • Oct 2006 Mar 2006

    Account Manager

    Alex Investment Bank

    Learned about account management and what it takes to acquire new ones at Alex Investors Bank.

  • 2006 1996


    Multiple Companies

    Starting from age 14 I’ve worked in Floriculture, Production, Sales, Hospitality, Promotion & Courier Services. Learned that you need to move yourself in order to move the world.

& Certifications

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates

  • 2010 2009

    Minor Entrepreneurial Studies

    University of Amsterdam

    Minor focused on entrepreneurship that resulted in the launch of a company with fellow students: Led By Light. LBL Company was a startup in affordable and theft-proof LED-lights for bicycles. Unfortunately the light never shined bright.

  • 2008 2006

    Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics

    Free University Amsterdam

    Attempt to take on a second study next to Philosophy. Unfortunately I was not successful because I failed to pass a propaedeutic mathematics course after not being economic with my time.

  • 2010 2005

    Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy

    University of Amsterdam

    Major focused on finding the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. The answer is 42 ;-). With a focus on Political & Eastern Philosophy.

  • 2003 1996

    Pre-University General Secondary Education (VWO)

    Oscar Romero College Hoorn

    The highest variant in the general secondary educational system of the Netherlands. Studied the 'Economy & Society' profile.

Presentations & Publications

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." - Socrates

The Crowd Lottery Principles - 2015

Part of my 'CROWD' SlideShare series. Text and design by me.


The time of the crowd lottery has come - 2015

Part of my 'CROWD' SlideShare series. Text and design by me.


Why the world is ready for the crowdlottery - 2014

Part of my 'CROWD' SlideShare series. Text and design by me.


Want to see my "official" printable PDF-resume?

As Non-Executive Director of I can say that launching the crowd lottery concept and obtaining a gambling license is a very impressive achievement that shows Jasper’s vision and perseverance.

Willem van Oort

eGaming Consultant @ Gran Via Online

In my role as Key Official of I’ve come to know Jasper as a scrupulous and dedicated startup director who shows tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and an eagerness to innovate and create new ideas.

Claudio Caruana

Associate Lawyer @ ARQ Group

As former colleague and angel investor in the crowd lottery concept I can testify that Jasper is a person of complete integrity that gets things done. He has always been very open about the challenges he faced.

Martijn Pennekamp

Founder @ Full Financial Services

Jasper has worked satisfactorily in different roles at IEX Media over the years, and managed without the need to take him by the hand.

Peter van Sommeren

Director @ IEX Media

Jasper had a totally new digital platform up and running in no-time: from branding and strategy to development and marketing. He is a very versatile digital native that will be an impulse to any team.

Rens Benjamin

Director @

Jasper is a true go-getter, super creative, punctual, honest, entrepreneurial and very clever. I really loved it how he helped me with all the little details, how he shared his thoughts and how he kept going, with passion and determination.

Elard Tissot van Patot

Founder @ Toss It Online

Jasper created my personal brand flawlessly and I receive compliments for it all over the world.

René Strik

Founder @ SIA Management

Jasper has made a valuable contribution to MrFix at a critical stage. He made a decisive difference in improving our CRM and other systems to further automate our service fulfilment process. Jasper combines good knowledge of tech tools with enthusiasm and drive. He is very pleasant to work with and was an asset to our team.

Michiel Ybema

CEO & Founder @ MrFix

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